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Perrin’s writing has been mainly focussed on travel and culture in Japan. For more information on the topics below, see the Contact page. When possible, hotlinks to web versions of this partial article listing have been added.


National Geographic Traveler: Japan, 4th edition, to be released in September 2013

Magazines and Newspapers:

JT (The Japan Times, an English language newspaper in Japan)

KTO (Kansai Time Out, an English language magazine based in the Kansai region of Japan)

  1. Kyoto Isshu Trail, Higashiyama – KTO
  2. Alcohol stoves, KTO
  3. Cycling Ehime, KTO
  4. Buddhist Basics, KTO
  5. Towers of Kansai, KTO
  6. In the pink at Kinosaki Onsen, JT
  7. Crossing over to the next world, JT
  8. Hanami Among the Mountain Gods, JT
  9. It’s hands-on in Kyoto, JT
  10. Descending into the somber history of a once-glittering prize, JT
  11. The Rapid way to escape stress, JT
  12. Behind the Sliding Door, JT
  13. Between Sword and Spear in the Japan Alps, JT
  14. In Fukuoka We’re Walking in a Winter Ramen Land, JT
  15. Finding the Fabled Snow Country, JT
  16. Luck, Trickery and Treasure in Koka City, JT
  17. Loveliest of Trees, the Cherry is now hung with bloom along the bough, JT
  18. Do’s and Dont’s when you Hitch in the Backside of Japan, JT
  19. Hitching through Japan with Friends at every turn PT 2, JT
  20. Hiking Daisetzuzan in Hokkaido KTO
  21. Miroku Buddha (Idols and Icons column, KTO)
  22. Kukai, founder of Shingon.
  23. En the Ascetic
  24. Mikaeri (looking back) Buddha
  25. Sanjusangendo’s 1000 Kannons
  26. Ikkyu the monk
  27. Sakyamuni, the Historical Buddha