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Perrin was born in a small rural village in the Canadian Rockies and has been graduating to larger and more chaotic cities since then, making his home in Kelowna, and then Vancouver, BC, before moving to Kyoto, Japan and finally leaping into a life on the road throughout Asia.

He attended Okanagan University College (now UBC Okanagan) for two years before transferring to the University of British Columbia, where he completed an Honours English Degree (Bachelor of Arts) and pursued as many electives as he could, studying Philosophy until his head spun, French until his ears rang, and dead languages until total declension vertigo. He also pretended to study Japanese while frantically finishing his thesis, not realizing that it was the single most practical course he had taken in five years. He promptly forgot all of his Japanese in the three months before he arrived there to teach English in a conversation school and had to start all over.

Perrin’s student work career consisted of stints as a gardener, compassman, and webpage designer, but in more recent years he earns a living selling articles to newspapers and magazines or teaching English in Japan. Most of his writing is concerned with Asian travel destinations, history, and Buddhist art.

When not slaving at the keyboard he enjoys fiddling around on nice Mac keyboards, taking photos on his dSLR, writing poems, reading great fiction and personal development books, dancing and trying new foods across Asia.

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